About The Two-Wheeled Tourist

The Two-Wheeled Tourist is my way of sharing my experiences on and around my motorcycles. I am lucky enough to be the caretaker of  two motorcycles - a 1977 BMW R100/7 - Otus - and a 2003 BMW R1150R - Strix. When I think about what a motorcycle should look like, Otus comes to mind. Strix is Otus' understudy and represents 26 years of BMW engineering evolution of the R bike. Having two motorcycles allows me to undertake bigger projects on one while I ride the other.

Talking about my projects and travels are the focus of The Two-Wheeled Tourist. I am a professional nerd so I spend my work time driving a keyboard. Working on my motorcycles allows me to not only think but also do in a physical, tactile, and sometimes spiritual way what working with ones and zeros doesn't. Working on the motorcycles is, when done properly, very Zen. There are times when it can be very frustrating but that's usually because I've got something dividing my attention. When I'm focused on the work, it is glorious and it feeds my soul. And, as my wife so often tells me, I do good work when I work!

The Two-Wheeled Tourist is not my immortality project. I am merely telling stories about my experiences on and around my motorcycles.

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