The Flag @ The Ace Cafe Orlando

At The Ace Cafe Orlando

After visiting The Ace Cafe London just a few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to find myself in Orlando and got to visit The Ace Cafe Orlando. While both cafes are cool each in their own right, The Ace Cafe London is steeped in tradition where The Ace Cafe Orlando is finding its own way. This is probably explained by the difference between a pub in London and a bar in the US. More about this later but for know each cafe has its own unique vibe.

Since discovering The Ace Cafe when traveling on business last year I have made it a point to get back there each time I'm in Orlando. Thursday night is Bike Night at The Ace and every Thursday night I've been there has been a pile of fun. This most recent Bike Night was additionally awesome for two reasons - one of the Slow Drags was flagged using my home club's flag, and I got to see my friend Casey again.

Kent is the "MC" of Bike Night. His job is to get the crowd involved and he does a good job. I got to know Kent while I was sitting at the bar before the festivities started. We talked about the Slow Drag competition - slowest rider to complete the course without putting their feet down wins! - and using my home club's flag to send off a pair of competitors. He's a wild man! Casey is my favorite server in the place. She got stuck with me the first time I went to The Ace and she's taken care of me on every return trip. She's good stuff!

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