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Luggage for Bubo - Featured Image

Luggage for Bubo

Luggage for Bubo

I'm getting closer to figuring out Bubo's role in the fleet but while I continue to sort it out I'm moving forward with installing the essentials. As far as I'm concerned luggage is an essential but Bubo arrived without any. I started by installing a previously-enjoyed set of pannier racks when I installed new shocks. With the racks in place I went shopping for the panniers. A friend of mine bought two parts bikes and I considered a set of panniers from those but they had three problems - "seat belt" style latches, cracks from years of service, and no keys. I looked around online but all the previously-enjoyed panniers had at least two of these same three problems. I also considered swapping the panniers from Otus to Bubo when necessary but I couldn't come up with the small bracket needed to make the latches work on the pannier racks so that wasn't a workable solution. Because I couldn't find a solid set of used panniers I put a crowbar in my wallet and bought new panniers from my friends at Bob's BMW. The paniers look right, mount solidly, I can lock them, and the small bracket is included with the panniers. Curiously enough the fasteners I needed to mount the brackets were not included with the panniers so I had to make a run to the hardware store and buy four bolts, nuts, and washers, to install these new panniers. It only took about 30 minutes to get the panniers mounted.

In addition to the panniers I also wanted to include a top case for heavier traveling. I have a Givi Monokey top case on Otus and there's a universal mounting plate that can be installed to just about any top case rack. With that universal mounting plate installed on Bubo's top case rack I am now able to swap the top case between motorcycles very easily. So, now I have Bubo outfitted to carry stuff when needed! The top case also acts as a backrest should I have a passenger on either Bubo or Otus.


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Progress Report – Bubo

Out With The Old, On With The New

They say that when you buy an old motorcycle you'll end up spending the purchase price on parts and repairs so it's important to get that old machine at the lowest price possible! As I work to bring Bubo back to rally shape I've spent about half the purchase price to-date. The most recent collection of parts and repairs include:

All these parts and repairs were required as a big step to bringing Bubo back into shape for regular riding.

This Is Bad

For The Record, This Is Bad

Fork oil isn't supposed to be brown. I was hoping I could simply pull out the old and drop in the new fork springs but time was not on my side. I started on the right fork and things looked pretty good - at least the fork oil was still recognizable as fork oil! I removed the old spring, dropped the new one in, and then moved on to the left fork. That's where things took a turn for the worse. The first challenge was getting the cap off the fork. Using a wrench from Otus' tool roll I attempted to remove the cap but it put up a fight. As it turned out, the cap was stuck to the nut and they came off together. When I removed the nut it was discolored with brown liquid from the fork so I knew I'd have to drain and re-seal the fork. Fortunately I had all the parts on hand for the task. I drained the left-hand fork and found the oil was completely discolored and the bumper that sits in the bottom of the fork stanchion screw plug had turned to goo. A good clean-up, a new bumper and crush rings, and the left fork was sealed up and ready for the new spring and fresh fork oil. While I probably could have left the right-hand side alone I went ahead and flushed, cleaned-up, and buttoned up the right side as well. New springs and fresh oil all around makes the front end feel much better!

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