Hella 500 Fog Light Kit on R100/7

Hella 500 Fog Light Kit on R100/7

I love the look of the Airhead GS. I’ve seen pictures of the these Airheads with Hella lights on them and finally decided that Otus needed a pair mounted on his crash bars. As usual, my friends at Amazon were all too happy to sell me a set of lights, […]

Anatomy of a Proper Tank Bag

Anatomy of a Proper Tank Bag

First I was all about the tank bag. Then I modified my tank bag by adding power outlets. But a couple of years ago I felt the need to eliminate the tank bag. I even wrote about it here, and I wrote about modifying what took its place here. Unfortunately nothing […]

proper tank bag for a proper Airhead

proper tank bag

I’ve had several tank bags on Otus but I’ve never been happy with any of them. In fact, two years ago I swore off the idea of using a tank bag entirely and started storing everything in my top case. While fuel stops were much easier, I had to develop new […]

wolfman enduro tool bag hack

hacking the Wolfman enduro tool bag

Let me make one thing perfectly clear – I love my Wolfman Enduro Tool Bags. I asked for a pair of these for Christmas – one for each bike – and mounted them to each bike’s top case. They are exactly what I wanted in terms of size, shape and […]

handguards for Strix

Mad Max-style Handguards on Strix

Some people think handguards, like tank bags, are required motorcycle accessories. I added a set of handguards to Otus, and because Strix is supposed to be a more modern version of the grand old man, a set of Barkbuster Storm handguards got ordered for the young man as well. Installation […]

handguards for Otus

Storm Handguards on Otus

Winter is dragging on and my project list continues to play second fiddle to watching football, napping (actually a side-effect of watching football), and trying to stay warm.  Because there are no football games today I was finally able to get back in the garage and tick a project off Otus’ […]

tank bag elimination

Wolfman enduro tool bag

After the 2015 riding season, and with the addition of another motorcycle, I’ve decided that I need to eliminate the tank bag. There are several contributing factors: each fuel stop required removal of the tank bag. because I electrified Otus’ tank bag I have to do a bit of unplugging […]

iPhone 6+ on the r1150r

iphone6+ cradle

One of the many things that makes motorcycle riding and touring fun is adding farkles to your bike. Otus is modestly farkled up to suit my riding style, needs, and my definition of complete. Now that I’ve added the r1150r to the stable I am compelled to add the same/similar […]