Liberty Bell Replica – Independence, MO

Independence, MO Liberty Bell Replica

My first replica Liberty Bell in the 2018 Melting Pot Grand Tour is the one located in Independence, MO at the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library & Museum. The facility is located at 500 W. U.S. Highway 24  Independence, Missouri 64050-1798 and the bell sits on the north side of […]

Anatomy of a Proper Tank Bag

Anatomy of a Proper Tank Bag

First I was all about the tank bag. Then I modified my tank bag by adding power outlets. But a couple of years ago I felt the need to eliminate the tank bag. I even wrote about it here, and I wrote about modifying what took its place here. Unfortunately nothing […]

Well and Properly Sorted

Well ad Properly Sorted

It has been a long time coming but I am ready to declare that Otus is well and properly sorted. I’m not going to bore you by rehashing all the events of the past – just understand that I have been on a 620 day journey that came to a […]

Happiness is a Well-Sorted Airhead

Happiness is a Well-Sorted Airhead

Happiness is a well-sorted Airhead so today I am happier than I was on Friday but not completely happy yet. The combination switches I order from Bob’s BMW were only half correct and, with diagnostic help from a friend, I now need a new relay. Otus is a 1977 BMW […]

Sorting Otus

Sorting Otus

Otus is having some problems again and once again I’m attempting to sort out out those problems (again). The working theory is that the kill switch on the right-hand combination switch is the culprit. The kill switch was broken in my accident but I didn’t notice it until recently. I […]

instrument cluster lighting – solid state LED

LED Solid Sate Instrument Cluster Lights

I figured out a few things recently. Since Otus became my motorcycle the turn signal indicator in the instrument cluster hasn’t worked. Because he arrived in my garage that way I assumed there was a problem with the cluster itself. I changed the bulb but that didn’t matter. I cleaned […]

proper tank bag for a proper Airhead

proper tank bag

I’ve had several tank bags on Otus but I’ve never been happy with any of them. In fact, two years ago I swore off the idea of using a tank bag entirely and started storing everything in my top case. While fuel stops were much easier, I had to develop new […]

working isn’t the same as correct – Airhead wiring

Otus' headlight bucket threw up

In putting Otus’ headlight bucket back together I discovered that the ground on headlight wiring harness had broken. I went to my parts cache and removed a headlight wiring harness from one of my spare headlight buckets. I made a map of how the original one was installed and connected […]

parts, parts, and more parts!

R100S fairings, saddles, and goodies

Through the magic of the Internets and the willingness of a friend I’ve just secured a collection of parts removed from two 1977 R100S motorcycles. In fact, the collection contains the parts that make two R100S motorcycles R100Ses. Fairings, saddles, side covers, shocks, exhaust, instrument clusters, handlebars, cables, and so on […]

repair work, parts, and details

BMW classic saddlebag - left side

I took Otus’ front end down to make sure I had everything as straight as possible and noticed that, in addition to all the other damage, one of the fork reflectors was cracked. I jumped on to and ordered up a replacement reflector along with a few other must-have […]