cold shuts down Tucson

Winter Motorcycle Riding

No, the city didn’t close down but I came down with a really lovely cold and wasn’t well enough to make the trip. I was all packed and ready to go but had a conference call to take first thing. I figured that was fine because it would also give […]

headed to tucson, az

Tucson, AZ

Business is good and I’m headed to Tucson, AZ for a client meeting. I don’t like flying but I do like riding my motorcycle so I’ll be riding Otus to Tucson! I’m going to pace myself and take a few days to get there. When I got to Paonia, CO this […]

adding cargo capacity

Hobbs demonstrating an extra-label use of the Givi topcase

I’ve always liked Givi products. Otus features a Givi windscreen and I have been coveting their luggage for some time. With the addition of the R1150R I needed a top case so I went with the Givi E55 Maxia 3. Givi makes a mount designed specifically for the R1150R so that was […]

saturday burn & turn

Otus in Repose - Lawrence, KS

This Saturday I had an invitation from our youngest daughter to meet her for a Father/Daughter event at K-State so naturally I traveled on two wheels. This was my second non-commute trip on Otus since I changed out the final drive to lower his gear ratio. Just like the maiden voyage, riding […]