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Bob Mould Solo Electric Tour

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Bob Mould isn’t coming to Kansas City this year. The closest he’s getting is Iowa City, IA of St. Louis, MO. I’m choosing the St. Louis show because its about 100 miles closer. Why would an otherwise sane person travel 260 miles to see a solo show? Because its Bob Mould! The last time I saw him at The Bottleneck in Lawrence he was amazing. I’m hoping that a solo show in a more intimate venue will be equally, but differently, awesome. And on top of the show I’ll get a change of scenery. I’m planning on arriving Friday evening March 20, spending the day sleeping in wandering around, and taking in the show on the 21st, and then coming home the 22nd. Weather willing Otus and I will get to spend some time together getting reacquainted. This will be a good time!

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