Melting Pot Grand Tour

Melting Pot Grand Tour

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This event finished on 04 October 2018

This year’s Team Strange Grand Tour is not only going to be fun, it is also very timely given what’s going on politically. Here’s the description from the official rules.

“America is a country of immigrants. Outside of our Native American family, we have all come from somewhere else in the relatively recent past. Most of us are aware of the great immigrant migrations of past centuries but did you know that today, there are over 40 million American citizens who are immigrants? It’s true.”

While this Grand Tour, like all others, doesn’t officially start until March 1, I’ve registered and started doing my research. To “complete” this year’s Grand Tour riders need to record 200 points. With the research I’ve done I’ve determined I can complete the tour without traveling more than 500 miles from home. While I can check the boxes I want to rider more, see more, and rack up more points!

I’ll be starting from my home base in the Kansas City area, If you think you’re interested in joining me on this geographic scavenger hunt first read the rules. If the rules look OK and you want to join me from KC, get registered and let me know if you want to ride along!

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