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For many of us farkles are a huge part of the motorcycle experience. These are what make our bikes unique and special to us. No two motorcycles are farkled out the same way, and that’s really how it should be. My farkle inspiration comes from many places – my riding buddies, motorcycles I see here and there, and the biggest pile of motorcycles I’ll likely ever see in one place – the BMWMOA annual rally. While going to a rally is as much about getting there as it is being there, the farkles you’ll see will amaze you. Oh, and the vendors will be there to help make your farkle dreams a reality!

In this section of the site I’ll provide detailed information about the farkles I’ve installed on my motorcycles. Generally my approach is equip both of my BMW motorcycles as similarly as possible. Sometimes this poses challenges because of the age difference (2003 – 1977 = 26) but I do what I can.

Modifications are, in my head anyway, a special sub-set of farkles. MI consider modifications to be the customizations I make to my motorcycles that only work on that motorcycle. For example, an important modification for Otus was adding additional fuel capacity. Unfortunately the solution for Otus won’t work on Strix so I have to solve that in a bike-specific manner.

Either way, farkles & mods are not only a great way to make your bike your own, but they are also a great boost to the economy!

Pages About Farkles & Mods

Posts About Farkles

Posts About General Modifications

Motorcycle-specific modifications can be found in the respective motorcycle-specific section of the site.

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