Finding Tonga in the Midwest

Finding Tonga in the Midwest

My first country recorded in the 2018 Melting Pot Grand Tour is Tonga via the city of Tonganoxie, KS. Even though this was a short trip, it took the better part of the day, primarily to find a good place to get the required photographic evidence. We travel U.S. Route 40 frequently as we have family in St. George, KS so I was very familiar with a colorful city limit sign on 40. I had originally thought that taking the picture there would be the best way to do it but the photographer wanted to get a better background so we started scouting for a better location.

We were fortunate to find two good locations – one that was really obvious and a second location that was very colorful. The photographic evidence that meets the Ground Tour requirements is shown below.

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While the official rules state that I don’t need to be in the photo I thought it would be fun to be in the first picture of this tour. I’m not sure the photographer will want to follow me around as I collect other locations so I’ll revert to Smartphone pictures soon enough.

In any case, I’ve bagged the nearest US city containing a foreign country name! Now, on to other cities, some Liberty Bell replicas, and (hopefully) some bonus point locations around the country!

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