Storm Handguards on Otus

handguards for Otus

Winter is dragging on and my project list continues to play second fiddle to watching football, napping (actually a side-effect of watching football), and trying to stay warm.  Because there are no football games today I was finally able to get back in the garage and tick a project off Otus’ list. I finally got a set of handguards installed!

I’ve thought about adding handguards for some time but never really wanted to spend the money (remember – the cheapest thing on a BMW motorcycle is the rider). I received a plump Twisted Throttle gift card for Christmas so the time seemed right to order up a set of handguards for the old man. I actually made good progress on this project. They only sat in the box for a week! So, on this bleak, cold, and windy Saturday afternoon, the task was completed.

This isn’t a big or complicated job at all. I ordered a universal Barkbuster Storm kit. They went on with zero trouble, provide plenty of room for my gloved hands, and look nice to boot. The only compromise with the installation was the removal of my bar-end mirrors. I have the stock mirrors re-installed until I decide if I want to hack up the bar-end mirrors so I can re-install them. But for now the handguards are installed and that project has been marked complete! Enjoy the pictures!

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