Mad Max-style Handguards on Strix

handguards for Strix

Some people think handguards, like tank bags, are required motorcycle accessories. I added a set of handguards to Otus, and because Strix is supposed to be a more modern version of the grand old man, a set of Barkbuster Storm handguards got ordered for the young man as well. Installation wasn’t as easy as on Otus because of the brake lines on Strix. I don’t think it will be a problem but the fitment was snug to say the least.

The biggest difference in the installation on Strix was working around the brake line on the right handguard. The left backbone went on easily so I thought the right one would be just as easy but the brake line on the right side controls is bigger in diameter than the right one. I had to work with the placement of the right backbone quite a bit (and drop the bolts and nuts for dramatic effect several times) but it finally snugged up and the final position is good.

The one thing I find kind of odd about the Barkbusters is that when mounting the plastics to the backbone, the screw for the outside of the plastic is a self-tapping screw. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, turning these self-tapping screws by hands was a bit of a challenge for my arthritic hands.

Enjoy the pictures!

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