Happiness is a Well-Sorted Airhead

Happiness is a Well-Sorted Airhead

Happiness is a well-sorted Airhead so today I am happier than I was on Friday but not completely happy yet. The combination switches I order from Bob’s BMW were only half correct and, with diagnostic help from a friend, I now need a new relay.

Otus is a 1977 BMW R100/7. When Otus was manufactured the left-hand combination switch featured a switch to turn the headlight off. You read that correctly – in 1977 it was still considered OK to allow the rider to decide when and even if they wanted to turn on the headlight. Oh, and the headlight switch could be used to hang your helmet if you choose to own but not wear one while riding. Of course I’m kidding – that switch cannot hold the weight of a motorcycle helmet. Regardless, the “replacement” switch sent to me by Bob’s BMW doesn’t have a headlight switch so it is not a true replacement part. I’ll call, complain, ask them to find the correct replacement, and see where that gets me.

The relay failure was a special surprise. The main relay for Otus appears to have failed catastrophically. Could this have been root cause for my him running like crap lately? It could be but the kill switch was broken regardless. I found a replacement relay at my local Car Quest (this has everything to do with the experienced guys at the counter) for 1/3 the cost of the same relay from BMW. I’ll try this part replacement and see if I can achieve well-sorted happiness.

Still more to come!

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