An L From Lawrence, KS

Capturing this L puts me at 40% complete in the Saddle Up And Ride challenge. While this is an all or nothing challenge my confidence is high that I’ll be able to bag the remaining 9 letters before October 31.The upcoming ride to August, KS should allow me to capture […]

E Is For Eudora

This first E is for Eudora courtesy of the local post office. Although Eudora is a relatively small town it was very busy – especially with motorcycles – so we had lots of company. The best part in bagging this E is that the post office was so accessible. We […]

S Is For Shawnee

Shawnee City Hall begins with S. I only need one S to spell Saddle Up And Ride so I’ve got this taken care of! I certainly hope the flagpole being so close to the S doesn’t cause this picture to get disqualified. That’s part of the challenge shooting pictures wiht […]

D Is For De Soto

De Soto, KS - Featured - D

De Soto City Hall begins with D. I need four Ds to spell “Saddle Up And Ride” and this is one of them. The hard part about capturing some of these place names is getting the motorcycle or my face in the picture. This approach worked out pretty well but […]

R Is For Ride

R is for Ride!

R is also for Roeland Park but either way I bagged this R for the Saddle Up And Ride Challenge. Ideally I’d be able to get my motorcycle in the photo with the thing being photographed but where that isn’t possible my face takes the place of the motorcycle. While […]

Fall In Line @ Blip Roasters

My friend Brian and I decided to start The Grand Coddiwomple today over a cup of coffee at Blip Roasters. We talked about all our planning and maps and energy we put into preparing but damned near forgot to capture our first Fall In Line picture opportunity! Brian’s quick thinking […]

Starting the Grand Coddiwomple

Grand Coddiwomple

Today I started The Grand Coddiwomple with my friend Brian. The Grand Coddiwomple is sponsored by the BMWMOA and is probably best described as a scavenger hunt conducted on motorcycles. The Grand Coddiwomple is based on two ideas related to the upcoming MOA rally. The rally slogan – Saddle Up […]

Oil Cooler Failure

Oil Spill

At the conclusion of this year’s Airtoberfest Otus’ oil cooler failed. Fortunately the failure was very noisy and I was able to shut him down before all the oil sprayed out. Unfortunately I was 125 miles away from home and no way to repair or bypass the oil cooler on […]