Melting Pot Grand Tour 2018

TTWT at the Tonganoxie City Hall

My Melting Pot Grand Tour 2018 has begun! With the help of a professional photographer I started the 2018 Grand Tour with a quick trip to Tonganoxie, KS. The Melting Pot Grand Tour is another Team Strange scavenger hunt. This year’s Grand Tour involves three primary destinations:

  • United States city names that contain the name of a Foreign Nation
  • Liberty Bell Replicas
  • Bonus Locations

I’ve registered, researched city names that meet the requirements, found the location of each Liberty Bell replica, tracked down the bonus locations, and received my kit. Come back to this page to check my progress!

Grand Tour Rules

The Two Wheeled Tourist’s Current Score

  • 100 Points
    • Foreign Countries: 1
    • Liberty Bell Replicas: 1
    • Bonus Locations: 0

Melting Pot Grand Tour Posts

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