BMW does, indeed, make motorcycles. My first motorcycle was, and still is, a 1977 BMW R100/7. My second motorcycle is a 1991 R100GS. In addition to my primary motorcycles there is typically some sort of project on the lift. Most often its a friend's bike needing a little more love than they can provide. Other times it's one of my Quixotic projects. And still other times the lift is empty because I'm out riding. My love of BMW motorcycles has everything to do with my R100/7 - Otus. This is a wonderful motorcycle and has spoiled me for all other motorcycles and brands. Read more about Otus below. Adding the GS - Strix - to the paddock was because I have always been attracted to the muscular look of the GS. You can read more about Strix below as well.

Otus | 1977 R100/7

Otus was my first, and remains my #1, motorcycle. The R100/7 was only produced for 2 years but at the time was BMW’s top-of-the-line touring machine. By today’s standards the feature list seems meager but this machine is solid, has plenty of power to get me where I want to go, and provides a comfortable ride. As far as I'm concerned this is what a motorcycle is supposed to look like.

Strix | 1991 R100 GS

This is my 1991 BMW R100 GS. I had wanted a GS for some time but struggled to make it happen. The solution to my problem presented itself one fateful Saturday. I attended an antique motorcycle show at the Volland Store, made a new friend, and ended up trading my R1105R for a 1995 R1100 GS. That trade led me to Engle Motors where I stumbled upon a 1991 Airhead GS. One thing led to another and I traded the 1995 in on the 1991 and now my stable contains only Airheads!

TBD | 1977 R75/7

The latest addition to the stable is a new-to-me 1977 R75/7. This bike's name and role are both TBD but somehow adding this bike to the collection will allow me to put a Velorex sidecar to use.

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