Strix 3.0 | 1991 BMW R100 GS

Strix 3.0

Strix 3.0 | 1991 R100 GS

Strix 3.0

Strix 3.0 is the third, and hopefully final, motorcycle of mine to carry the Strix name. This machine is the GS I really wanted when I traded for Strix 2.0. This machine is a lighter, more nimble GS and the other bonus is that it's an Airhead so I understand it better than its Oilhead predecessor. As with Otus, adding this machine to my small collection seemed meant to be. The motorcycle had been taken in on trade at my local BMW Dealer, Engle Motors in Kansas City. I showed up at Engle's the day the motorcycle came in and immediately asked about it. I was told there was already a deal pending for the motorcycle. Disappointed, I went on my way and kept working on the Oilhead. Fast forward a few months and I was back in Engle's when I noticed this motorcycle was still in stock. The pending deal had fallen through so I asked again about the motorcycle, the asking price, and their appetite to take the Oilhead in trade. We talked, I sort of negotiated, made a deal to trade in the Oilhead on this Airhead GS, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Strix 3.0 is an absolute joy to ride.

Why Strix?

As with Otus, I have fond memories of my good friend's place called Owl Creek. Because of these memories and my fascination with owls my #2 motorcycle carries the name Strix. Strix is a genus of owl that's basically the "wood owl." This aligns nicely with the GS being a dual sport machine. While I have no idea if and when I'll end up off pavement on this motorcycle I may one day decide going off road sounds like fun. Going off road on this lighter bike is far less intimidating than going off road on the Oilhead!

Strix' Role

Strix' role is primarily to be Otus' understudy. Otus will continue to be my #1 motorcycle but when he's down for repairs I'll ride Strix. There will also be times when riding Strix just makes more sense. I'm not yet sure what those times will look like but when they pop up I'll be prepared! If I do decide to attend events like March Moto Madness or other off road activites I'll obviously ride Strix but I'll also make sure and ride him to keep him fresh and also to keep some miles off Otus as he's not getting any younger!

As with other bikes that previously carried the Strix name, I'll make some mods to make this Strix my own. This machine is in exceptionally good shape having been regularly serviced by Engle's so there don't appear to be any big projects lurking. There are a couple of projects to undertake to address the ravages of time but all in all I couldn't be happier with the state of this new-to-me motorcycle.

Strix 3.0

Strix 3.0 in the Shop

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