R100S fairings, saddles, and goodies

parts, parts, and more parts!

Through the magic of the Internets and the willingness of a friend I’ve just secured a collection of parts removed from two 1977 R100S motorcycles. In fact, the collection contains the parts that make two R100S motorcycles R100Ses. Fairings, saddles, side covers, shocks, exhaust, instrument clusters, handlebars, cables, and so on are included. While Otus is an R100/7 there are still a lot of parts in this collection that will help get and keep the Grand Old Man on the road for years to come. I’m not necessarily going to rebuild Otus as an R100S but then again, I’m not sure I won’t.

I’m going to be completely overrun with Airhead parts, but what a great problem to have! Otus just turned 40 and last year’s crash took quite a toll on both of us. I’ve been in the shop twice for arm repair and Otus is still on the lift awaiting attention and parts. This collection, along with the recent parts delivery from Bob’s BMW, should allow me to get Otus back on the road this spring while putting plenty of spare parts in inventory. To say I’m tickled is an understatement!

Probably the most important goodies are the instrument clusters. The dash itself survived the accident but the tachometer was totaled and the speedometer glass had a bite taken out of it. I want to keep the original (as far as I know anyway) speedometer as I repaired the odometer and, even though I am comfortable with the TMU label associated with Otus, at least I know how many miles shown on the odometer are mine. Depending on what I ultimately get Otus will likely sport:

  • A replacement instrument cluster housing
  • A replacement tachometer
  • Replacements for any other surprises I find

Pictures of the collection as listed on the Internets follow. The parts will be shipped via UPS tomorrow. As soon as they show up at the shop there will be a huge unveiling. I predict beer will be involved as unpacking and inventorying parts promises to be thirsty work.

Now, if I only had two more airhead frames…

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