Pedestrian Slicer

Pedestrian Slicer

A story found on the Internets tells me that back in the day, British and European motorcycle riders would display their license numbers on metal plates attached to the front fender. In the case of a motorcycle/pedestrian accident the plate would injure the pedestrian and so the term “pedestrian slicer” was born. I live in the ‘burbs so pedestrians are a rare thing, and pedestrian slicers are just cool.

Enter Kevin Wahaus of Wahaus Advertising and Otus now sports a pedestrian slicer complete with The Two-Wheeled Tourist branding! I found a suitable pedestrian slicer blank at Carpy’s Cafe Racers, ordered it up, and handed the blank over to Kevin. Kevin + the pedestrian slicer + Adobe Illustrator resulted in the cool artwork you see in this website’s header. That same artwork with colors reversed now graces my pedestrian slicer. After a few minutes in the shop, the pedestrian slicer now graces Otus’ front fender. That’s a lot of grace, isn’t it?

Kevin has done an amazing job bringing The Two-Wheeled Tourist brand to life. The pictures that follow demonstrate. If you’re interested in custom artwork on a pedestrian slicer for your machine contact Kevin and see what he can do for you.

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