refactoring my camping gear

This rainy camping weekend reinforced something I knew all along – my tent is too small for me to use for anything other than a sleep shelter. Time to consider refactoring my camping gear. The weather this Memorial Day weekend made it more obvious because there was no place other than my tent for me to go during the thunderstorms. The refuge I had counted on was also closed during thunderstorms so my only option was to retreat to my tent. I had my Kindle and was able to read but, because of the limited interior height I couldn’t bring my chair in and just sit.

Upon my return from the weekend I decided to look for a tent in which I can stand but would not be so heavy that it would dramatically increase the weight of the gear I haul. I made a decision and ordered a tent. Once it arrives I’ll provide an update along with a refactored Touring & Camping Gear list. I learned some other stuff too so the list will end up with more than just a tent upgrade. The updates to the gear and page will be glorious!