BMW classic saddlebag - left side

repair work, parts, and details

I took Otus’ front end down to make sure I had everything as straight as possible and noticed that, in addition to all the other damage, one of the fork reflectors was cracked. I jumped on to and ordered up a replacement reflector along with a few other must-have parts. In addition to a collection of bits and pieces I also went ahead and ordered a new set of “classic” bags to replace those totaled on my season-opener last year. I did, however, pass on purchasing the official BMW roundels to stick to the bags. This isn’t (just)about being cheap but has more to do with being unwilling to pay to advertise for a brand. Don’t get me wrong – I love me my Otus and my Strix – but not enough to pay to stick roundels on the luggage. Besides, I still have some of my Mechanical Owl stickers to apply! I also bought all the bushings, washers, etc to properly reinstall the instrument cluster and (hopefully) reduce the jiggle factor considerably.

I also ordered a hand full of parts from Wunderlich because, like Bob’s, they love my money. Here’s the list of what I ordered:

  • Long mirrors – left and right
    I’m going to try the long stem mirrors rather than the bar-end mirrors so I can re-install my hand guards
  • Instrument Repair Kit
    When Otus and I stopped so abruptly the instrument cluster suffered a bit of damage. The glass covering the tach is now completely missing and the glass covering the speedometer has a nice chip. I scrounged up a replacement housing but I’m going to see if I can’t use this to restore my existing cluster to a usable state.

When all this first went down I was beyond bummed about the damage inflicted upon Otus but as I went through the process of sourcing replacement parts I’ve been able to come to the conclusion that the motorcycle could be repaired, I could heal, and both of us will ride again. Sorry if that was too sappy…

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