Otus in Repose - Lawrence, KS

saturday burn & turn

This Saturday I had an invitation from our youngest daughter to meet her for a Father/Daughter event at K-State so naturally I traveled on two wheels. This was my second non-commute trip on Otus since I changed out the final drive to lower his gear ratio. Just like the maiden voyage, riding Otus at speed is now pure pleasure. I can run at 75 mph and the motor turns at roughly 4,500 rpm. With the original gearing at 65 mph the motor spun at 4,500 rpm. That’s not hard on the venerable old boxer motor but I’m more relaxed when Otus isn’t working as hard. Also that lower gear ratio gives me a little more top end which makes passing much less work.

Oh, and I stopped for coffee at La Prima Tazza in Lawrence. Delicious! The flags in the picture are attached to a bicycle safety flag pole attached to a recumbent trike. Lawrence, like Austin, always keepin’ it weird!

Otus in Repose - Lawrence
Otus in Repose – Lawrence

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