Grand Coddiwomple

Starting the Grand Coddiwomple

Today I started The Grand Coddiwomple with my friend Brian. The Grand Coddiwomple is sponsored by the BMWMOA and is probably best described as a scavenger hunt conducted on motorcycles. The Grand Coddiwomple is based on two ideas related to the upcoming MOA rally. The rally slogan – Saddle Up And Ride – and the Rally location – Great Falls, Montana. The first challenge is to spell out “Saddle Up And Ride” by taking pictures of place names that begin with each letter in the rally slogan. The second collection of challenges are variations on the theme “Falls”. The one we’re planning on participating in include:

  • Eggselent Falls – related to Humpty Dumpty statues to big to carry on a motorcycle
  • Fall In Line – pictures of our motorcycles and others in a line of 5 or more
  • Place Names Containg “Falls” – you know, like Great Falls!
  • Military Falls – specific place names as well as any markers related to military activity including military cemetaries or grave

Some of the challenges are limited and others aren’t but all challenges are designed to award the participant points based on taking photos that include the Coddiwomple flag and your motorcycle. In situations where you can’t physically get your motorcycle near the thing the photo must contain the Coddiwomple flag and the rider’s face. 300 points are required to complete the challenge. Today we took 13 photos related to Military Falls and captured five of the letters required to spell out”Saddle Up And Ride”. We’ve already collected 650 points based on today’s work! Don’t worry – we’re not stopping! We intend to spell out “Saddle Up And Ride” and keep collecting as many additional photos as we can between now and when the event completed on October 31, 2021. Stay tuned for more updates!

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