Strix 2.0 - Featured

Strix 2.0?

I’m happy and sad to announce that I am planning on trading Strix for a 1995 R1100 Gelände Sport – a GS! Strix is a wonderful motorcycle but I cannot get  comfortable riding him long distances. I’ve lowered the pegs and added a seat cushion but he still just isn’t right for me. I ran into a gentleman hoping to sell his GS so he could find a single-spark R1150R. I have been saving my pennies for a GS and wondering what to do about Strix. This chance meeting and discussion looks like it is going to solve problems for both of us.

The trade is scheduled to happen Friday afternoon. Assuming everything goes to plan Strix will go to his happily-ever-after and a new-to-me GS will find its forever home with me. An update will follow as soon as everything’s settled.

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