Wandering Through Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma

Sending out a quick update tonight from a roadside motel as I rest up from wandering to Oklahoma. I got a late start and by 8:00 pm I decided the next motel I came upon would be my home for the night. So here I am at a motel that time forgot in Van Buren, Arkansas. Yes, I am in Arkansas on my way to Oklahoma.

You might be asking why but the answer is simple – Garmin. Apparently the fastest route to Talemina State Park goes by Joplin, MO and through Van Buren, AR. I’ve topped arguing with my GPS and just followed along. I ran out of sunlight as I approach Van Buren so here I am.

I’m just over an hour from my destination but it was shaping up to be a dark hour. I was hungry and tired so I decided to rest. The road, and my destination, will still be there tomorrow. And an early start will also get me to Sapulpa, OK while the sun’s still up so I can pay a visit to my Grandfather and Grandmother. They’ve passed away but I’m not going to tell them.

See you on the road tomorrow!

You can follow my progress by looking at this:

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