hacking the Wolfman enduro tool bag

wolfman enduro tool bag hack

Let me make one thing perfectly clear – I love my Wolfman Enduro Tool Bags. I asked for a pair of these for Christmas – one for each bike – and mounted them to each bike’s top case. They are exactly what I wanted in terms of size, shape and capacity but there was one thing I wanted to improve – I wanted the sides of the bags to be rigid so it was time to hack the bag.

I have several cordura bags with a plastic lining that makes the sides rigid. I wanted to put the same kind of lining in these tool bags but I wasn’t sure what kind of plastic to order from the Internets. Rather than randomly ordering up some sheet plastic I decided to wander around the local Container Store and see what I could find. There were several products I probably could have cut up to make the liners but I grabbed a pair of clear shelf liners with the idea that the plastic was thick enough to make the sides of the bags rigid but also flexible enough to bend without breaking. A little measuring, cutting, hole punching, and using some rarely used office supplies, and I have a hack that does what I want – make the sides of the tool bags rigid.

Enjoy the pictures!

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